Walks 1 and 2

labrynth Yesterday I began to have something of a spiritual experience walking the St. Jude Labyrinth in Plymouth Meeting, PA.  I had walked it several times before, and found myself searching but not finding.  Today, the second day in a row was equally spiritually satisfying, but entirely new. I have resolved to walk the Labrynth 365 times within the year–I know I will be traveling, so some days I will have to walk it multiple times.

July 19, 2014 Walk 1: the labyrinth is about a mile from my home, I rode my bike, and so my breath and heart beat were pleasantly elevated. Maybe I had tried too hard in my earlier walks to get meditative.  The walk itself is the meditation.  A new pivot in my life, a new solitude, I walked with the awareness of the twists and turns of life and welcomed the metaphor.

July 20, 2014 Walk 2: The sun was brighter, and I noticed so much more, the green weeds on the white rocks and black wood chips. A little angel statue that guards the labyrinth. I read last night that the walk to the center is the journey inward, the walk out is more about coming back to the outside world.  So, I began my outward walk in a yoga samastadhi posture, with palms facing forward.  I had gone to Plymouth Friends Meeting earlier in the day and felt so much Love in the silent fellowship.

This will be a good practice.  Not too ambitious physically. Won’t take too much time. Yet–so much possibility.

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