Walk 3: Productivity

June 21 2014 Walk 3:I  jogged to the labyrinth after work because every time I get my bike out the cats rush to the door and get outside and stay outside for hours.  The 1 mile jog on the way there was torturous–its been awhile (sad, my blog Running Out of Place and Time chronicles my long distance running..).  I saw red flowers in front of the church and red leaves on a maple tree before I began the walk I felt a sense of peace–I had been waiting for this all day..

“What is a labyrinth and where does it come from?  Labyrinths are usually single (unicursal) pathways that lead to the center of the pattern and then back out by retracing the same path.  Unlike in mazes, one cannot become lost or trapped.”*

I cannot become lost or trapped..or rather, I won’t be lost or trapped here..

st. judes

The church at St. Jude is so lovely, made of stone, simple and perfect. I think of the ladies who go to mass every day in the parish I grew up in. Did they feel the sense of ownership that I begin to feel for the labyrinth after just 3 days?

I sat down in the center on one of the little mushroom stools provided.

My journey from the center was so distracted, I missed most of it and was shocked at the final turn.

I read that the beautiful garden with a pond and a statue of a girl with arms outstretched is dedicated to a one year old child who died of cancer.

Shocking at the final turn.

I jogged back, with renewed energy.


* from the brochure provided by St Jude and the Nativity




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