walk 6: morning


Last night, I began surfing the web for Labyrinth information and discovered the Labyrinth Society at https://labyrinthsociety.org/ and the 365 Club, composed of those of  who pledge 365 days. I wrote to the Club, of course. The Society is also gathering empirical evidence on the benefits of the Labyrinth.

June 23 Walk 6:  I was going to be early for work, but I knew I would probably not get to the labyrinth later this evening, so I stopped on the way to work.  The sun on the other side. Dew on the weeds. A yellow leaf. Wet wood chips.  Little mushrooms.  The surprise turn right before I think I am at the center, and equally surprising right when I leave.  No time to sit and reflect, but in the car, I notice my breath is full, my heart is swelling in my chest, as if I have done a nice yoga class. When I get to work and turn on the lights in my windowless office, the light seems so bright, and when I have my first meeting, I feel lightheaded, but clear.

A student who came in to see me today told me that people don’t undertand why she is joyful–that they don’t understand that joy can come from her belief in God.

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