walks 4 and 5 – determination


July 22 Walk 4: I read that the garden and the labyrinth was a “gift for the overwhelmed world” right before I began. I repeated that at first, and felt that my focus was good and present.  Sat on both of the toadstools at the center to get other perspectives when I was at the center.  I had decided to walk the labyrinth twice tonight. Getting out to it was such a hassle, I thought it best to get ahead.  Right before I got to the center, I noticed there is a sharp turn away, and I was surprised at the length I had to go.

Walk 5:  I had the same sensation in the walk to the center.  I kneeled down spontaneously at the center and said a prayer. I had started in a prayer pose as well. The walk outward was the most focused yet, the path of black wood framed by white rocks, my gaze just a little bit ahead.  I sat in the garden and noticed that my breathing and heart rate were slightly elevated, and my sense of well being was strong.

“Labyrinths can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression, and help improve such medical conditions such as high pressure.

I know.

I took my bike ride home and then tried to get the cats back in the house for the next hour.

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