walk 8: awareness

20140721_194140July 25 walk 8: I had a bad headache. I noticed the flowers more. The finiteness. (or ‘finity?’) I walk the path and I still don’t know it by heart, although I am beginning to recognize certain green weeds and mushrooms. Being in it means I cannot see exactly where I am going. I can’t fly above it when I am walking it. It is a Chartres labyrinth in design. Will I know it by heart one day?

Afterwards I went to see if I could get my car oil changed. I waited behind a woman who really wanted to discuss her car problem to the cashier at length and in detail. I observed a strange sensation.  My heart beat was very strong and slow, my breath was full and free. Although my mind was a little impatient with the long conversation in front of me, and a little afraid (of what? But there it was) — my body remained calm. My headache was gone. My cat is still gone.


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