walks 9 and 10: minotaurs

minotaurmedicicollectionpalazzostrozzi  I dreamt of minotaurs once last year.  They were gentle creatures in my dream that were being oppressed, and burned alive by a society that did not value them.  It was such a haunting dream, I remembered looking into the eyes of a minotaur in pain.  I looked up the dream interpretation. Dreams of fabulous beasts that are half human/half creature suggests that there is some duality in a problem, and with minotaurs, it is mind against instinct.  Minotaurs are either to be pitied (as in my dream) or feared.  The Minotaur’s mother tried to care for him, but he became too ferocious, so he was made to dwell in the Cretan Labyrinth, and ultimately killed.

July 26: walk 9: I woke up with foreboding and to a rainstorm.  I managed to get out in a lull in the storm and walk, but there were deep puddles on the labyrinth path. I actually got lost, by walking on the rocks and not knowing which way to turn.

July 27: walk 10: After an hour of silent worship at the Friends Meeting, the labyrinth walk became a puzzle.  Could I memorize the path?  There was a woman with red hair in a bun, a bright pink top and pale pink bubble gum blowing bubbles and chatting on a cell phone in the garden. My first witness.  The church doors were open and inviting with big white wreaths on them. Was it a wedding or just Sunday?

No Eartha Kitten. And PJ had to go to the vet.

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