walks 11 and 12: midas

joshua roadI jogged to the path, and was greeted by Midas, the golden retriever who lives next door, and a woman weeding in the garden. I believe she may be the pastor of St. Jude and the Nativity, but I was too shy to ask her. She insisted on putting Midas in the house so that I could enjoy the garden and labyrinth.

walks  11 and 12: July 28 The garden with its circular path became part of my walk, and my observation of the memorial benches and small stone angels made me think of memorials. would it be nice to put a memorial of Eartha here? Will I stay here for long?  I have felt much gratitude in finding a home so close to this labyrinth, but didn’t my fleeting glance of it when I was looking at the house to rent help me know that I wanted to live here?  At the center, I felt grounded and elevated in appreciation of the red maple tree and the trinity of bushes with purple flowers.  That which is of God.  “Are you an atheist, yet” my curmudgen colleague asked me the other day.  No, the trees and flower are enough evidence for me.  My journey outward felt lengthy and I decided I needed another walk. This one was more mournful. Again, my meditation seemed to extend beyond the confines of the labyrinth, and I walked rather than jogged home, so that I could sit and watch the creek. The cordoned off wetlands area, which is a common sight in this county, made me weep for Islip Beach in Long Island, where I used to walk in summers past.  I am feeling homesick for my old home after a full year of hopefulness in a new home. At the same time, the sky was so magnificent with gold in the sunset that reminded me of Midas, and the winds were exhilarating.

June 29–Walk 13 did not yet happen. I was really confused this evening, did not know if I should just get in my car, because I did not have much energy, but thought that was just wrong, and decided biking would be easier than walking.  I got to the labyrinth and it was being weeded! I sat on the bench in the garden, enjoyed the red maple tree and the fountain and debated whether I should ask if the woman needed help. But she had gloves and tools, and I had nothing.  I road my bike home.  Tomorrow…

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