walks 18 and 19: the sun


mapleBay Head NJ was a wonderful place and I had a great time with my family there and on Point Pleasant boardwalk. We stayed in a Victorian hotel called the Glenville which was painted pink, and our rooms overlooked the ocean. We did some yoga on the beach and my nephew loved the rides and games on the boardwalk. There was a stone statue in front of the hotel of a dog that was so specific, I knew someone must have had such a dog once, maybe many years ago.


I left at 6 am, but not before taking a final walk on the beach.


The sun rarely came out on the weekend, but once I hit the PA turnpike it broke out for an exquisite day. I went to the labyrinth right after work.

walk 18: August 4 It was earlier than usual, and the sun was bright, the air very warm. I walked up the path, a bit anxious about the week and all that was going on, but took a moment to notice that the 2 small angels were sentinels for the labyrinth. As I walked further and further into the center, I felt myself giving myself a break. At the center, I noticed that the cloud streak that tends to form beyond the maple tree was particularly strong against the deep blue of the sky. The maple leaves were enflamed by the sun, lit as if incandescently to burn scarlett rather than their usual rust. The crickets were loud and the sun burned. There are a few dead and dying plants encircling the labyrinth, which I often ignore because there are so many flourishing ones to appreciate. I walked out breathing in peace and letting out fear with each breath.

Walk 19: August 5. I knew I would make myself late for work, but felt the pull to take a labyrinth walk. I began appreciating the shade tree for the first time, ah that is why there are so many yellow leaves on the path.  The morning sun was perfect. I chanted a little song I learned in Vacation Bible School, amen, hallelujiah..

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