walks 60-68: tree

labyrinthbrainI have walked the St. Jude and the Nativity labyrinth once a day all week, before or after work, under  sunny skies, under clouds and today, just after a rainfall, when miraculously, the upper right quadrant was not flooded. Today I was moved to stand in tree pose at the center.  On my right leg I gazed at the red maple, which maintains a dark beauty, even though its leaves have withered, and on my left leg,  the shade tree, an imposing and graceful tree with slender green leaves, which when they turn yellow, rain down on the labyrinth until they turn brown, and then eventually become part of the labyrinth.

I am grateful for my daily meditation, and accepting in this season that my thoughts are not always as quiet as they were before the school year. I am grateful because the rows of stone remind me every day that any set of events will change course. I have learned the symmetry and sense of the path, the direction and orderliness of each quadrant.  I know it, but when I am in the middle of it, I cannot always detect it.

This week, I have felt a bit of anger that I have not felt free enough to go to this blog and write about my walks, even as I continue the commitment of the walks themselves.  Last month, someone involved in theatre asked me if I had any creative outlet now that I don’t participate in the theatre. I suddenly felt like Laura in the Glass Menagerie, when the Gentleman Caller asks her what she did for fun.  She clears her throat nervously and says she has a glass collection.  He ignores her and then asks her again. Once again she reminds him that she has her glass collection.  I said nothing, but I would have liked to have cleared my throat and shly told him ” I do, have my blog..”


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