a walk in the rain


I found the above website for a consulting firm which used the Labyrinth as a tool for developing leadership and team building. It does not appear to be currently active, but it had been located in King of Prussia, PA, just down the road from me. I was looking for Labyrinth images.  It is interesting to think of the Labyrinth as a place where “Innovation is everything” (Robert Noyce).

My last walk on the labyrinth was in the rain. The rain forced me to look down and put one foot in front of the other and I once more was especially reminded of the grace and symmetry of the path, particularly in the center upper quadrant. The stones gleamed and there were puddles.  As I walked I recalled the dream I had had that morning. In the dream, I joined a theatre collective which was vibrant, yet had many rules, told to us by a small man with very long hair. I was involved but questioned my involvement. There was a lot demanded of me, but the rewards were great.  I slept in the dream amidst the members of the theatre company, but woke up alone, everyone was gone. I went outside where there had been an incredible amount of activity, and everything was gone, there was a cavernous scorched hole in its stead. Blackened roots of trees remained, but none of the many people or the sets or the lights or the costumes. Two young people, a man and a woman who looked like college students came in bicycles, I hid under a structure instinctively, which reminded me of a child’s slide (and must have appeared magically, as the landscape was entirely devoid of structures). The two surveyed the damage dispassionately. I saw that the man had a swastika on his t-shirt. I woke up.  As I walked recalling and shivering at the terror the dream inspired, I thought of my walks as meditations of impermanence. But they are no shield for all the dangers in the world.

I learned that the ‘shade tree’ which no longer provides shade is an osage.

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