In Art and Physics by Leonard Shlatin I learn that artists in Egypt depicted the Sun in its divinity, but that the Greeks and artists for generations deemphasized it to “cut down on glare”, until Van Gogh who recognized the “primordial furnace” and in doing so “emancipated color” along with the other Fauves.
If I leave work on time now in mid February, the primordial furnace’s embers glow pink   and the sun sets behind the dairy barn silo which is now an art studio. I am ecstatic.



The labyrinth rises again above the thinning snow and I can walk it again. Swiftly, in the cold.  I am charmed by the frozen garden in the morning light which does resembled the muted art of Winslow Homer who did not share the sensibility of those would free color. I remember my hot love affair with the garden in summer when it was at its beauty’s height and sadness and fear at the thought of days like these.


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